Ammalinda 100% Organic Anti-Aging & Firming Serum

Ammalinda Anti-aging Firming Serum Ammalinda 100% Organic Anti-aging Firming Serum

Ammalinda Firming Serum, our signature blend of 100% certified organic essential oils,  is not only ultra hydrating, it contains one of the most potent firming agents available in an essential oil.  Rich in Vitamins A, B, C and E and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, this oil will also balance the ph of every skin type and reduce redness by strengthening capillaries. This is truly the only beauty oil you will ever need!

Its’  anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial qualities makes this oil great for acne prone skin. It reduces redness by strengthening capillaries, evens out skin tone as well as firms and tightens skin.  When your skin is sufficiently hydrated it does not produce excess oils.

The tint from the oils will leave your skin with a sunkissed glow radiantly alive and hydrated!  The natural fragrance is aromatherapuetic as well and has a light refreshing scent.

Your health is affected on so many levels by what you put  in AND on your body….simply the best natural products are going to have the most long-lasting overall results without the harmful effects of chemicals, additives  or preservatives.

Use this oil morning and evening.  You may even skip a day and you will still feel the hydration after about a week of use.  Note:   you will need sunscreen as there is no sun protection in this product.

To apply, start with about 6 drops in your palm.  Rub hands vigorously to heat the oil and massage into face and neck.   You may want to add a few additional drops around the eye area for extra hydration there.   Always use light touch and upward strokes, especially in the neck area.

This oil is great for any area you may feel you need a boost of hydration, tightening or brightening.  No additives, preservatives or chemicals!