Ammalinda Firming Beauty Oil is the Perfect Mothers Day Gift

In addition to our newly added skincare services featuring our Signature Gemstone Facial and Caviar Crème, we have one of the most sought after products for beautiful glowing youthful skin.

Ammalinda Face Firming Beauty Oil, a blend of only 100% certified organicpure essential oils.  Nothing else!

Our first in an upcoming line of skincare products will firm, tighten and brighten your skin, renew and protect with vitamin C, antioxidants and anti bacterial properties. This earth friendly blend of oils will leave you with a youthful, hydrated glow while balancing the ph of every type of skin.

And don’t limit your use to your face!  Use it wherever you would like to seem firmer,  more hydrated,  glowing skin.   ( I use it on my legs and arms too!!)

A blend of  geranium,  rosehip seed oil, frankincense, blue cypress and neroli not only smells AMAZING but offers  true healing and renewing at the highest level.

Come in for your massage and facial today and take home a bottle for yourself, and get one for MOM!!!!

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