Gift Certificates!

The holidays are just around the corner…hard to believe!! Why not begin the season with some relaxing massages for yourself and your loved ones so you can enjoy the moments to come with family and friends.
So often we are so stressed over preparing for visits from family and preparing the perfect parties for our friends that we don’t enjoy the events we look so forward to all year long.
This year surprise your loved ones with a PRE-SEASON chance to relax BEFORE THE STRESS HITS!!! It’s a novel idea, but one that will set the stage for an enjoyable time to share and make memories that will last a lifetime!
Call now for gift certificates and to schedule a relaxing massage now!
Happy holidays!!

How important is your weight?

Maintaining proper weight for your body structure is so much more than cosmetic appeal. Even just 10 or 15 lbs can make such a significant improvement on your heart health, your joints, your energy level and your mental well being.
Get on some kind of program, set your goals realistically and begin. The key is always consistency and remembering not to beaat yourself up if you slide occasionally.
Just get back on track and continue on. It will lift your mood, you’ll feel better about every aspect of your life and it is really the one key thing in your life you have absolute control over. YOU determine what food goes in your body, when, and how much. So Begin today to feel your absolute BEST!

The fall is here!!

Waking up now seems a little tougher…the weather is a bit crispier, the sunrise coming a bit later. But the season is ripe for beginning new challenges, setting new goals and living a healthier life. We are entering the final season of 2013 and planning for the most bountiful 2014 begins NOW. Join me in visualizing a bright, new healthy year for all….

Is weight training really important as you get older?

Not only is weight training important, it could mean the difference between a healthy body and one with chronic injuries.
Weights are not so much for the esthetic benefits as we age, although it will keep us looking and feeling younger for sure, but more about supporting a strong skeletal system. With balance throughout the body, we tend to distribute the workload more in accordance with what is designed for each muscle group.
For example, not keeping a strong core and abdominal muscles will put added work and strain on our low back, which will eventually lead to joint and hip issues. The abdominal muscles play a major role in our posture and keeping the balance in how we use our entire body.
So get to the gym, train all muscle groups, not just the ones that “look like they need it”.

The importance of listening to your body.

How do you view pain? Friend or foe?
Pain is there for a GREAT reason. It should be given significant respect and attention. Recently I had 2 (adult-believe it or not) clients who were complaining of severe lower back pain with numbness and pain down their leg and stiffness with rotation. It took them several minutes to manuever onto the massage table…and wanted to know if I could help them feel better. When I asked them what their activities have been lately, they both said they are running to lose weight. Both were at least 20 lbs overweight with tall frames. They said the pain has been getting worse over the last few weeks or so, and they were hoping I could “fix it”.
I asked them how long ago they suspended the running…..and to my dismay and utter shock, both said they were still running!!!!!
After I caught my breath, I had to ask them why? I found it hard to believe they could actually NOT GET the connection here!
Neither client thought the pain was a big deal and said they felt a little better if they took some advil after running.
Okay… hopefully you know where this is going. If you are doing something that even remotely could be causing your back pain STOP DOING IT!!! The pain level early on can be as simple as compression on the disc causing moderate impingement of the nerve, but trust me on this, if you keep on doing the same thing that makes it painful it will turn into something more. Continuous compression can only lead to compromising the disc and eventually a bulge, a rupture and then ( you don’t want to go here) herniation.
Granted, running is a GREAT way to lean down. But at the expense of your discs being blown out… maybe not?? And, if you do happen to injur your disc, you’ll be barely able to walk without grimacing in pain so you will gain all the weight back you may have lost anyway.
SO……if this is you, please look to the many alternative ways to do effective cardio-fat-burning workouts.

Can you be the best judge?

Recently I had a new client come to me for headaches and chronic shoulder pain. After talking briefly with him ( as I always do before getting a new client on the table) he told me he had a severe accident 5 years prior in Greece and actually broke his neck. He was very skittish about anyone touching his neck…understandably so…and was even a little nervous about getting a massage at all.
It was obvious when he got on the table that his shoulders were extremely knotted and no doubt the connective tissue at the base of his skull were equally tight. I assurred him that I would NOT go anywhere around the areas he was nervous about.
The reason why this is SOOOOOO important for you, as a client, is because whether or not the area is 100 % okay….if YOU FEEL like it’s not time to address it, IT’S NOT TIME TO ADDRESS IT!!!!
He thanked me for honoring his request and realized he was probably just being overly cautious, but I assurred him again that only HE could determine when it would be okay to work that area.
As I expected, before the end of the session, he was relaxed and began to trust me….and without hesitation said ” You know, if you want to just go lightly on my neck it’s okay. I think you will know how much pressure is good.”
With that trust and HIS request, his neck (and his mind) were both ready for some light, soothing pressure.
He got off the table and was delighted! No one had touched his neck on a massage table for 5 years…and he felt amazing!
Needless to say, he rescheduled for the following week and is looking forward to having regular massage for a long time!

Severe back pain and massage..

Severe back pain can be the result of alot of things, as you may have guessed. Should you go for a massage? Or go for the doctors appointment?
If you have had chronic issues with low back pain from either a previous injury or “athletic overuse” and you now have a severe condition that prohibits movement….it can be more serious than just muscle tension. The safest route would be to first rule out any disc issues, which can be made worse with a massage by someone who doesn’t really have the experience to deal with these kinds of issues.
After ruling out disc herniation or ruptures, a good massage can definitely be helpful..and several will most likely be necessary. Close together, like 3 or 4 days in between, most effective. Be patient. Your body will heal itself, with a little help to losen the surrounding tendons and muscles, the inflammation will go down and relieve the pressure on the nerves and discs being affected. Rest and allow the healing…and DRINK plenty of water!

It’s springtime….Renew and energize!!

I find springtime the most enjoyable time of the year! New flowers spring up everywhere, the birds wake us up with their songs of renewal, the air just has a brand new feel to it!!! Is it our imagination..or is it really happening?
It IS real. Enjoy every moment and add yourself to the list of “springtime renewals”!
Do a cleanse, get all the “partying” from the holidays out of the way (if you haven’t already),
embark on that long awaited workout regime, and get a massage or three.
This time of the year you have momentum on your side, so take full advantage. Just because the air smells different, there’s a freshness all around and evidence of new growth and new are on that same path. And a few massages will give you that feeling of being totally nurtured, so getting on track with total health package just flows naturally.
Come in see for yourself….springtime is here!!

Oncology massage

The stress of going through the diagnosis and treatment of cancer is overwhelming, on every level.
With your doctors approval, a massage can help deal with the uncomfortable and unbearable days so you can stay positive, which is paramount for your successful return to health.
Your body is going through some major trauma, and getting some peace and nurturing, as well as some relief to the muscles and brain, will help mentally as well as physically. Let yourself feel the healing taking place, relax as much as possible, and if you can, visualize your body returning to perfect health. Your mental pictures are so helpful in every area of your life, so put it to work here for yourself. During a massage, try to focus only on yourself, your perfect health and your body’s cells returning to perfect balance.
You have much to deal with now, so let yourself rejuvinate as much as possible during a massage…and send eternal blessings to yourself in healing energy.

Valentine’s Day Massage!!

Happy Valentine’s Day ! What a great way to show your love…a gift of massage!
Pampering those we love is also a gift for us,those who give the gift.
A couples massage is a romantic way to celebrate your relationship too. Being together and receiving the nurturing together is such a healthy bonding experience for a couple. It reminds us how to nurture and care for each other, while receiving the nurturing and caring at the same time. BIG SMILES !!!!!
It’s never too late, or the wrong time to surprise someone you care about, but Valentine’ Day is a way to build a beautiful memory!!


How our words affect our cells…

Have you ever heard someone yell out something distasteful in a crowded room and cringed at the way it made you feel? Have you ever said something to someone in anger and then felt the awful energy it created…and you wish you could have taken it back? Is it possible that our words can affect our bodies on a cellular level?
The answer is absolutely YES! EVERYTHING IS ENERGY..our thoughts, our words, our bodies….evrything we see and feel is energy. So when we speak words of hatred or fear, we are putting that out into the world. When we speak words of love and hope, we put THAT energy out into the world.
And what we put OUT also affects us on OUR insides..because we spoke them, we affirmed them, to ourselves and outside of ourselves.
Our bodies are made up of 70% water….. accordingly, there was an incredible study done by a Japanese biochemist on the effects of words, either spoken or written, on water crystals.
It was amazingly profound that when the words “LOVE” or “PEACE” were spoken or even taped to the container of water the ice crystals that formed were beautiful, symmetrical snowflake-like crystals. When words like “HATE” or “WAR” and even “HITLER” were spoken or taped to the container, the crystals were deformed, distorted and unpleasant to look at. Quite astounding, isn’t it?
So as you go through your day today, take notice to your words, the words of others and your reaction to them. You will no doubt notice the energy shift from pleasant to not so pleasant. And realize that each shift is affecting your body accordingly. Keep the positive coming, avoid the negative and make this new awareness part of your everyday living. You WILL feel the difference!!!
“Thank you” is one of the most beautiful crystals to witness! So, with LOVE and GRATITUDE I Thank You for your energy….

Massage before a marathon???

Many of my clients are runners…and will be running the half marathon this weekend. Some common questions are “should I get a massage right before the event?” ” If so, how close to the race?” “Will it be the same type of massage as my normal deep tissue or sports session?”
Well, hopefully you’ve been getting massage throughout your training and preparing for the race. But if you haven’t and now you’re wishing you did….it’s not too late!!!
The sessions during your training period would be deep tissue, lots of stretching and focusing on the areas that are your “weak” areas or areas you experience the most tightness or strain. The key is to keep you in balance, have the muscles recover fully for the next run and give you the highest level of output in terms of energy. That means getting the lactic acid out and keeping everything mobile and flexible.
Just before the race, 36 hours prior (ideally) is a GREAT time to get your final pre-event massage. This session will be less about deep work and more about stretching and rolling the muscles..getting lots of blood flow to the joints and giving your body one final opportunity to balance and maximize energy.
After the race?? Again, a diffferent kind of massage than the otheres…more about recovery and relaxation. Any time after the race, but ideally before 36 hours later, a post-event massage will help restore your body by pumping blood into all the areas that were overworked during the race, help lubricate the joints that worked so hard and flush out the massive amounts of lactic acid that was created by your wonderful feat! (and feet!) How good would a foot massage feel NOW!!!!
You will speed up recovery time, of course, and maybe work(gently) on any areas that were strained during the race..(perhaps some extremely tight hamstrings) and allow your body to receive back the love and energy it provided you in running the race!

Meditation and massage-should you always be quiet?

When you get your massages, do you like to chat or are you in your zone?
Which is better?
My experience has been, over 20 + years of doing and getting massage, that it will vary from one person to the next, and from one session to the next.
Every day is different, you are in a different place in your mind and your physical self. While it will be very helpful for you to focus on being peaceful and allowing the release in your body to happen gently and through your breathing, you may feel the need to release verbally some things that are holding your body in a state of tension.
Massage therapy is often used in the rehabilitation of abuse victims to help them release the memories and hurt from the cells in their body and mind. Sometimes emotional release will happen if you’re experiencing some traumatic events in your life, so if talking about it feels natural and helpful, by all means that should happen.
A great therapist will let YOU guide the conversation in the session, and not initiate talking. And keeping the focus on YOU and not their problems or stories is really necessary for your most beneficial healing session.
Remember, a massage is ALL ABOUT YOU! You are investing time, money and your energy to guide your body, mind and soul to perfect balance and harmony.

Chronic shoulder pain? Maybe you shouldn’t “sleep on it”.

Do you suffer from chronic stiffness and pain in one shoulder …or maybe both? Often waking up with a stiff neck and wondering what the heck you did the day before to cause it? After all, you’ve been trying to be aware of your posture, lifting correctly and stretching…so what can it be?
Well, there’s a good chance your sleeping patterns have alot to do with it.
First off, we spend (hopefully) between 6 and 8 hours in bed at night. Depending on your “toss and turn” activity, you could be spending a good part of the night crunching your shoulers forward and twisting your neck out of alignment at the same time!
The long term goal is to learn to sleep on your back for the entire night! A pillow under your knees, and a neck support ( not your traditional pillow!) to hold your natural curve in your neck at the proper position.
A good position is with your chin pointing toward your not too far forward and not too far back. ( If your chin in pointing toward the ceiling, you’re accentuating the curve too much.) Either a crescent shaped pillow or simply a large rolled up soft towel will do the trick.
Find a comfortable spot and every time you find yourself on your side, just switch back to your back. It will be a slow process, but again, the benefits are clearly worth the trouble.
Be sure to keep a large pillow under your knees too. This will keep your back flat and support your lower back, another possible area of constant tension.
Last, but certainly not least, remember the blessing of gravity here! ( and only here!) As you lie sleeping, with your face to the sky, the Universe is treating you to a natural, daily, non-invasive face lift! What more could you ask for?

new Year-new You!

Okay, so we made it through the holiday cheer, family time, shopping and eating too much, maybe a bit of bubbly, too….and here we are beginning 2013. What kind of plannning have you been doing? How many goals have you set and what is your focus as you begin this new year? No matter what it may be, consider what a regular massage, say once every other week or so could do for your life!
Physical stress as well as emotional stress finds its way into various parts of our bodies and causes pain, stiffness and fatigue, not to mention occasional insomnia. So what’s the solution?
Try getting a nice Swedish or combination Swedish/deep tissue massage to relax you while working out some of those knots that were not on our gift list!
Start the new year off with a “Thank you” to yourself for another year of accomplishments, no matter how small they may seem, and begin 2013 feeling vibrant and ready to take on the world!
Home appointments are available for your convenience in all of Orange County or visit the serene and beautiful office location at 15615 Alton Pkwy in Irvine.
Whatever your preference, you will feel refreshed, pampered and happy to move forward to the best year ever!