Valentine’s Day is almost here!

Well, here we are at another Valentines Day..2015.   Ammalinda Healing Center is taking appointments for our special holiday event.

We will feature a romantic setting with rose petals, champagne and chocolates for every client who comes in for a Valentines Day massage.

Book early as space is limited.  Be aware that in home massages will also be available with prior bookings.


Adding new sevices!!

Ammalinda Healing Center will soon be offering Thai Massage Services!  Our new therapist has been practicing Thai massage for 5 years here and 2 years in Thailand.

She is strong,  professionally trained and licensed.  She will do full Thai session or a combination Thai, deep tissue, Swedish.

Beginning June 15, 2014


Let’s all remember Mother on this special day with the gift of relaxation for all the days she wasn’t able to relax with us!!!  If you are a Mom, you know I’m kidding, of course.

There is no greater joy than motherhood.  As our babies grow into teens, adults and parents themselves, the memories of them as children playing, sleeping, crying and learning every new thing brings warmth to our souls.

My 2 boys are grown but I still can hear their laughter as if it was just in the next room.  The sounds of them playing together and the excitement over everything new and wonderful to a 2 year old is precious and priceless.

Those moments of chaos will be the moments you cherish for your life.

Young moms, enjoy every moment … I’m sure you’ve heard more than one mother tell you how quickly the time passes.



Mothers’ Day Massages!

Join in the upcoming celebration May 11 for our Mothers!  Our Mothers are unique and special parts of our lives, our history and our connection to family.  Celebrate all the love and nurturing from Mom with a gift of love and massage!

Mothers work tirelessly in raising children, marveling in their every new skill and personality trait.  Watching them become grown ups all in their own special way.

Say ” I love you” to your Mother by nurturing her heart and soul….treat her to a massage today!

Intend everything!

Ever wonder how some people seem to float through the days just making things happen? Everything seems to eventually, if not automatically “fall into place”.
Well research shows, and evidence abounds, to the fact that INTENTION is a HUGE part of creation.
Think of something you would like to have happen, but really see it happening and KNOW that it is so, then let the pieces come together for its’ manifestation.
I have tested this on big and small things, and without fail, good or bad, it works!
The secret seems to lie in the belief that it is reality already…before it actually materializes. This takes practice, of course, but it seems like the difference between those who create whatever they desire and those who still wish we had it.

Spring is in the air!!

The time of rebirth on all levels..spring time brings with it a feeling of freshness, alive with new growth, vibrant colors and smells, and a time to awaken the senses with a clearing of old everything!
Getting a massage can add to the experience of refreshing your body, mind and spirit. Give yourself the gift of renewing your energy and releasing unwanted stress and toxins.
Mothers Day is also around the corner so plan ahead to treat that special Mom in your life to a much deserved massage!

Valentine’s Day massages?

What a great idea…give the one you love a gift and get the benefit for yourself too!!
Not only will you be showing how much you care but you will spoil both yourself AND your loved one with a relaxing, healing massage.
Schedule your session today…limited availability for Valentines Day, but the gift certificates last until you’re ready to schedule your appointments.

Happy January

So we made it! WHEW! The holidays seem to go on forever when we’re in the midst of it all. Sometimes a good thing, sometimes not so much!
Whatever it was like for you, it’s no doubt time to take a long EXHALE…and get back in focus on our routines and perhaps more normal meals!
Do you ever wonder why this is flu season? It’s not because it’s colder out-believe it or not. We are more susceptible to germs and imbalances in our bodies when we are run down, burning the candle at both ends, expending way more energy than normal and having it all run together into a few weeks of non-stop fun and celebration.
All good, of course, but it does take a toll on our resistance to germs and illness.


What has 2013 been for you? Many have had new life, births and marriages in the family, promotions, travel and wonder. But so many have experienced just the opposite, unfortunately. Tragedy abounds and struggles remain in the forefront for so many.
My wish for everyone is a new year of hope, joy and empathy. Compassion can change a world of problems. Love conquers all…yes, an old cliché but it is the only TRUTH, I believe.
May you flourish and expand into the joyful, wondrous and beautiful creature you were intended to be! And may 2014 be the beginning of the future you desire.

Visualize your new year…

As 2013 comes to a close and we begin the new year, people’s approach to this transition comes in many different ways.
I prefer to visualize the result I expect, as I grow and believe in myself, in my good intentions and the wonders of the Universe. Love and gratitude for what I have, what I am able to accomplish and how I am able to help people through my calling of healing.
I see a bright new year, beautiful memories with family and friends, amazing new friends, new joyful experiences and ever expanding abundance in every area of my life.
How about you?

Migraines??? OUCH!

If you are one of the unfortunate souls who suffer with migraine headaches there is help with massage therapy. Many reasons can cause migraines, and with a skilled massage therapist many times you can find temporary if not permanent relief with a series of massages.
Why a series? Usually the onset of migraines if from a buildup of tension, strain on neck muscles and chronic pain and tightness in the shoulders and occipital areas ( the ridge just under the base of the skull.) A deep and thorough release of these muscles and lots of stretching can open the channels for proper blood flow and relieve most, if not all, of the discomfort. It can take several sessions to completely loosen the area and gently get everything back to normal. With migraines you need to go gently but firmly so as not to induce a headache!
A great therapist will know exactly the right amount of pressure, with input from you if needed as well.

post surgical massage

Massage therapy not only helps your body recover from the trauma of surgery and healing internally, but very much will aid in releasing and flushing out the anesthesia from the blood.
This process can take up to 3 weeks depending on the amount of drugs used for the surgery and massage will help the body metabolize and detoxify these substances through and out of the body.
That tired, worn-out feeling experienced following a surgical procedure is not only from the tissue working to heal and repair itself, but also from the body wanting to detoxify itself from the chemicals and drugs used. When these are finally flushed away you will feel so much more recovery.
Any kind of massage will work, but more flushing strokes and focusing on breathing deeply will certainly be helpful. And a great massage always helps just feel amazing…whether following a surgery or just being good to your body!

Count your blessings…

There are so many things to think about before we even brush our teeth in the morning, but one great habit I practice every day is to begin my thought process by being thankful for the things in my life that bring me joy. When you really stop and think about that, there are countless things that we can ALL include in this list every day.
Practicing this ritual will not only improve your outlook for the day, it will literally improve the physical structure of your body on a cellular level. Don’t believe me?
Go look up how words affect water crystals. A study by Japanese Dr. Masaru Emoto, will make this “crystal clear”. (sorry for the unintended pun) It’s fascinating…. and quite sobering.
The next time you find yourself spewing out verbal negativity you may find yourself squirming to change your words to something more positive and loving….the words we use affect not only OUR physiology but those who hear us speak them. So be conscious of your own ability to bring harmony and love to yourself, your family and your world by the words you choose today.

Take time for yourself ! You will thank yourself!

How many times do you do something enjoyable and then say “Wow, I forgot how much I enjoyed this!”
That’s always the response I get from people who have “forgotten” to get a massage in a while!
Once you are on that warm table, all cozy in the sheets, and you take that deep breath and forget about everything else except “receiving nurturing” you remember why you love a massage so much.
Nothing says ” I love to take care of myself” like giving yourself the gift of relaxation and nurturing your body and mind.
Prepare for the upcoming holidays with a series massage sessions to get you in the mood for enjoying every moment to come..

Are a therapists credentials important?

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years, but not until recently has it been afforded the respect it deserves as a healing modality. It has taken years of dedicated work to provide the public with a consistent, reliable way to distinguish the educated, professional therapist from the rest….
Being certified by the state of California ensures that your therapist is not only educated, but conforms to ethical standards set by the industry for professional behavior and safety concerns.
Therapists who take their profession seriously will have this certification, and you can rest assured that they have invested the time and energy in their career to provide you with the best service possible.