Intend everything!

Ever wonder how some people seem to float through the days just making things happen? Everything seems to eventually, if not automatically “fall into place”.
Well research shows, and evidence abounds, to the fact that INTENTION is a HUGE part of creation.
Think of something you would like to have happen, but really see it happening and KNOW that it is so, then let the pieces come together for its’ manifestation.
I have tested this on big and small things, and without fail, good or bad, it works!
The secret seems to lie in the belief that it is reality already…before it actually materializes. This takes practice, of course, but it seems like the difference between those who create whatever they desire and those who still wish we had it.

Oncology massage

The stress of going through the diagnosis and treatment of cancer is overwhelming, on every level.
With your doctors approval, a massage can help deal with the uncomfortable and unbearable days so you can stay positive, which is paramount for your successful return to health.
Your body is going through some major trauma, and getting some peace and nurturing, as well as some relief to the muscles and brain, will help mentally as well as physically. Let yourself feel the healing taking place, relax as much as possible, and if you can, visualize your body returning to perfect health. Your mental pictures are so helpful in every area of your life, so put it to work here for yourself. During a massage, try to focus only on yourself, your perfect health and your body’s cells returning to perfect balance.
You have much to deal with now, so let yourself rejuvinate as much as possible during a massage…and send eternal blessings to yourself in healing energy.

How our words affect our cells…

Have you ever heard someone yell out something distasteful in a crowded room and cringed at the way it made you feel? Have you ever said something to someone in anger and then felt the awful energy it created…and you wish you could have taken it back? Is it possible that our words can affect our bodies on a cellular level?
The answer is absolutely YES! EVERYTHING IS ENERGY..our thoughts, our words, our bodies….evrything we see and feel is energy. So when we speak words of hatred or fear, we are putting that out into the world. When we speak words of love and hope, we put THAT energy out into the world.
And what we put OUT also affects us on OUR insides..because we spoke them, we affirmed them, to ourselves and outside of ourselves.
Our bodies are made up of 70% water….. accordingly, there was an incredible study done by a Japanese biochemist on the effects of words, either spoken or written, on water crystals.
It was amazingly profound that when the words “LOVE” or “PEACE” were spoken or even taped to the container of water the ice crystals that formed were beautiful, symmetrical snowflake-like crystals. When words like “HATE” or “WAR” and even “HITLER” were spoken or taped to the container, the crystals were deformed, distorted and unpleasant to look at. Quite astounding, isn’t it?
So as you go through your day today, take notice to your words, the words of others and your reaction to them. You will no doubt notice the energy shift from pleasant to not so pleasant. And realize that each shift is affecting your body accordingly. Keep the positive coming, avoid the negative and make this new awareness part of your everyday living. You WILL feel the difference!!!
“Thank you” is one of the most beautiful crystals to witness! So, with LOVE and GRATITUDE I Thank You for your energy….

new Year-new You!

Okay, so we made it through the holiday cheer, family time, shopping and eating too much, maybe a bit of bubbly, too….and here we are beginning 2013. What kind of plannning have you been doing? How many goals have you set and what is your focus as you begin this new year? No matter what it may be, consider what a regular massage, say once every other week or so could do for your life!
Physical stress as well as emotional stress finds its way into various parts of our bodies and causes pain, stiffness and fatigue, not to mention occasional insomnia. So what’s the solution?
Try getting a nice Swedish or combination Swedish/deep tissue massage to relax you while working out some of those knots that were not on our gift list!
Start the new year off with a “Thank you” to yourself for another year of accomplishments, no matter how small they may seem, and begin 2013 feeling vibrant and ready to take on the world!
Home appointments are available for your convenience in all of Orange County or visit the serene and beautiful office location at 15615 Alton Pkwy in Irvine.
Whatever your preference, you will feel refreshed, pampered and happy to move forward to the best year ever!

Making a difference in the world….

There is so much going awry in the world today. Is there any way to make a real difference every day as individuals? Especially now, in this season. People are stressed out more than ever, hopelessness fills our communities.
I do believe that spreading peace and the feeling of love will make a difference in our world. Every single person has the ability to spread the feelings of love every day, even on a small, individual level. Let us multiply this feeling by spreading some love and peace every day … to someone we meet. Be it a family member, a co-worker or a stranger on the street. I guarantee every time you practice giving some positive energy out in the world, you will feel a positive charge from it. We get back what we give….so give love today.
You don’t have to verbally say anything…the feeling and intent of sending love is quite enough. It is always our intention that makes the difference….
Please send someone the intention of love and peace today.

Giving thanks!

Have you considered massage a luxury only for the select few?  Do you feel like you may not deserve a massage on a regular basis?  If yes, you’re not alone……but read on! You may change your view…

Our bodies take us through the days, weeks, years…serving us in so many ways.  Physical challenges, long work days, exercising, helping our friends move (???)  and staying up late to get that project completed when we’d rather be soaking in a hot tub!

Well,  what’s wrong with giving back a little love????  Nurturing ourselves not only restores us physically, but gives our bodies the message that we appreciate all the energy it gives to us in our daily lives…..relentlessly going the extra distance to accommodate our needs.  Thanking your body with an energy-restoring massage will provide you with enormous benefits in the days to follow…..YOUR BODY WILL THANK YOU BACK!!!