Deep Tissue Massage


30 min  $ 55

1 hr. $ 105

90 min  $135

A deep tissue massage is the most common type of massage used by athletes (weekend warriors included!) and people who suffer from chronic pain and stiffness due to long hours at a desk/computer or driving and traveling.

In areas of extreme tension and knots, pressure is applied with fingers, elbows and palms to actually get in between the different muscles and separate the tissue that is bound up in that area.   Pressure is also applied to separate fibers within a muscle that has been knotted due to overuse or injury.

This is a gradual process, and depending on the severity of the tightness may take several deep tissue sessions to completely release.  A chronic issue is something that has accumulated over time, so a bit of time is needed to release the tension as well.  Trying to ”get it out” in one session is not only extremely painful, but really counterproductive.  If you are grinding your teeth in pain or cannot breathe through the massage, you have only added to the tension somewhere else in your body!  A great therapist will KNOW how much pressure to use to get you to the brink of “it’s a little too much”…. just before you have to say anything!!  But ALWAYS, with deep tissue or any other type of massage, YOU are the one who determines the amount of pressure used.

Your job is to breathe and relax…..the tension should melt away and leave you feeling like you had an invigorating, healing session!  DON’T FORGET TO DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!!!!