New Synergy Hot Stone Therapy

1 hour   $ 105

90 min    $ 135

Try our NEW Synergy Hot Stone Therapy…It’s light years  above the traditional hot stone massage!

A long, smooth hot stone is used with pressure, getting into all the knotted areas and just melting the tension away.  It  is probably the most relaxing massage you will ever experience!

It’s almost hard to put into words the feeling of peace, nurturing and deep relaxation that comes from hot stones resting on the meridians of your body and at the same time being massaged with hot stones in the therapists hands.  You will be almost in  a “meditative state”.

As long as you’re okay with heat ( you will be warm and toasty!) your muscles will release and loosen quickly from the moist heat that penetrates deep into the tissue.  Although this is more of a Swedish feel, the result is more like a deep tissue massage because of the deeply penetrating heat many layers into the muscle.  A comforting, soothing and relaxing massage… probably will not want to work out or do any strenuous activities following this massage.

This is a GREAT massage in cold weather months and also for people who tend to have poor circulation.  Incorporating a hot stone massage every few weeks in between your regular Swedish or deep  tissue massage is a perfect way to accelerate your path to a stress-free life!