Migraine Relief therapy

30 min   $ 55

1 hr  $ 105

90 min  $ 135

Massage for migraine headaches is VERY effective…if you have a skilled therapist. Applying pressure during a migraine is a “touchy” subject..if you’re a migraine headache sufferer you know what I’m talking about!

Mainly the muscles in the neck, shoulders ( traps ) and under the occipital ridge (just below the skull)  are the key areas of focus. Tightness in these areas constrict the bloodflow to the head thus bringing on headaches…which can progress into migraines.

There are other causes for migraines, for which medication may be necessary, but when coupled with massage may not only  eliminate the need for some of the medication, but make the headaches less frequent and much less severe.

Following a gradual release of  the neck and shoulder muscles to open the channels of bloodflow to the head, a gentle scalp massage will circulate the bloodflow through the tissue in the head and you should experience an immediate relief from pain which should improve over the next several hours.

Again, alot of water is mandatory for helping the body clear out the toxins and help the bloodflow!